Anonymous asked: in that little doodle of larsadie, are the little white dots suppose to be his eyes or are they little tears? 

OMG they’re eyes! i know, my beady eyes are usually black and all, but hes VERY upset

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some starchy’s and one lightning mcqueen as carl wheezer. my friends egged me on this isn’t my fault

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what if when we get a steven universe episode that concerns sadie and lars again its about lars’s cool friends and they meet sadie and dont like her for whatever dumb reason and then in front of her they’re like ‘right lars isnt she lame’

and lars is just like


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((theyre supposed to be wandering around the island they washed up on post-elimination))

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i drew this at school on like wednesday but never got around to scanning it… 


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Finally something not fruity—the Chocolates! I’ve been fondly calling them “Dee”, “Mee” and “Wee”, but we’ll see if I can’t come up with something cuter.. @__@;; (They’re also a take on the “3 Little Pigs”, if that’s not obvious.)

The Cocoas work with all other girls in supplying the multitudes of different chocolates for their dishes, so they’re very busy! D. takes cares of her little sisters as best she can in spite of the workload they have. (M. is the same age/size as all the other girls so far, for reference.)

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happy selfie sunday heres a pic of me with my self portrait from Art School

squid and the squids

my new band

sandra and the squids with her hit album

"here is the church, here’s the o’keeple 

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I just want this CHILD to tELL HER how impORTANT SHE IS to him

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