*looks at aleheather’s CANONICAL NON EDITED reAL LIFE KISS icon in td tumblr: ship edition*

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Miguèl Phelps never loses

is this free

I am a swimmer and I can confirm that this is how you win a race

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How on earth are you able to draw Max so attractive?!
he aged like a fine wine
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Anonymous asked: Where can i find your scax fanfic? 
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conformityisnonsense asked: For Pawberry and Friends: are there personalities for each of them and how many do you plan to do? They're so cute! 

Aww thank you!! I’ve got a lot planned so far, but I’ve only posted the berry-theme girls so far! I told this to Jockinator already, but I’ll post this one publicly so everyone can see uwu//

Pawberry is super sweet, and the “common friend” all the girls have that keep them glued together. She’s not having a good time unless everyone’s having a good time too, and will go out of her way to make her friends (and anyone else) happy and comfortable.

Cheri is a little bitter, but doesn’t have any bad intentions, just an introverted personality. Unlike her twin, she likes to be alone a lot, and doesn’t enjoy loud, colorful dishes, but will make exceptions for her closest friend, Pawberry.

Mari is the complete opposite of her sister. She’s overly loud, and love the attention to be on her! (Who doesn’t want the “cherry on top”, right?) She works well with other dishes, and always seems to fit in just right, though she can be a little blinding.

Bluebear is a soft, slightly-tart little bear that enjoys spending her time mostly with her “partner in crime” Raspbunny. Both girls work well together, as their flavors are very similar. She can be very subtle about her presence, but is always a helpful hand to the group.

Raspbunny is a little bolder than her partner Bluebear, and much more noticeable in a crowd (by her own choice). Where Bluebear is shy, Raspbunny tries to take a more friendly role, and though she loves working with her bestie, she also works right along side the other girls just as well!

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a bunch of older scax sketches… that i really need to color….

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yknow obviously i expected to ship the glooms, but i wasnt expecting to like stachy/delightful as much as i do… like honestly..

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I like Bottom because I used to have a hat like his and would make my best outfits with it.

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And with Bluebear and Raspbunny to add to the collection, that’s all the berry-theme girls! Or at least the one’s I have planned for now, this time with less paranoid watermarks! If you can tell past their puffy dresses, both Bluebear and Raspbunny are chubbier than Pawberry and the Cherry twins. ❤

Raspbunny’s berry was particularly annoying to do, but worth it, I think ;w; Soo cute!

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